Luxury online coffee boutique delivers exotic coffee from across the world to homes

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Luxury online coffee boutique delivers exotic coffee from across the world to homes


Imagine waking up to a steamy hot cup of authentic Brazilian coffee. Taking that first sip of its robust burst of flavor takes you back to that South American getaway. Or envision a perfect pot of Jamaica’s popular blue mountain beans brewing early in the morning. Inhaling the aromatic essence and savoring the creamy sweet nectar is reminiscent of that Caribbean vacation.


Or maybe it’s the Ethiopian whole bean, Colombian blend or cold brew coffee that suits your palate. Whatever your taste for coffee sophistication worldwide, online coffee boutique Trvl Love Koffee brings the morning time taste of travel home. Through their website, coffee beans go from the farm to the roaster to the bag right to your door.


“Because of COVID, people couldn’t travel as much as they used to, so we thought ‘why don’t we bring travel to people? Why don’t we bring the world to their cup?’ asks co-founder Gardner Craig.


“Like…if you’ve visited Jamaica and want to go but you can’t right now, we want to bring the taste of Jamaica to you where you go in the kitchen and pull out our Port Royal blend and get that authentic cup of coffee where you can feel all the acids, bitterness and sweetness in one sip.”


She, along with partner Chauncey Moore, launched the company in February to favorable reviews. The grand opening for the online specialty shop is scheduled for early May. Blends include Colombian Pink Dolphin, French roast, Ivory Coast Hot Chocolate, cold brews and many, many more. Beans can be delivered whole or ground up to customer satisfaction. An organic line is soon on the way.


“If you look at it, coffee comes from beautiful, warm, exotic places,” says Craig. “So we wanted to bring that exoticness to your cup of coffee at home. This is for people who love to travel. If you love to travel, we have a coffee for you.”