février 21, 2021

The Perfect Grind

Par Anita Craig
The Perfect Grind

Brew Methods

Brewing great coffee and tea takes practice and patience. The coffee or tea, grind, water, and method can all alter the taste in the cup.

Always start with fresh roasted coffee and grind just before brewing. Once coffee is roasted and exposed to oxygen, it speeds up the molecular activity that ages coffee.


We recommend burr grinders over blade grinders. Burr grinders offer a more even grind while blade grinders can unevenly chop the beans resulting in an uneven extraction.  The correct grind is specific to your brewing method. Use the table below to find your grind:

Espresso – Fine
Drip – Medium (All-Purpose)
Chemex – Medium/Course
Cold Brew - Course
French Press – Coarse


We can always grind your coffee for you. Just specify when ordering how you would like it ground.


Water is an important ingredient in coffee because it makes up about 98% of the cup. The taste of the water will affect the taste of your coffee. After evaluating the quality of your water, you may want to consider a water filter. Hard water can cause lime build up in brewers so make sure to follow all steps in maintaining your brewer.


Use our brewing guides as a starting point. Since everybody likes their coffee a little different, make adjustments to find the perfect method for you.