Our Mission

To create tasty, high quality Koffee by using superior ingredients, work with local farmers & roasters that provide a living wage to workers as well as serving customer with integrity.

Now one may say, “that koffee is just koffee,” and to another,

“if you had one cup of coffee then you’ve had em all!” Well we know that is not true. Even if you are drink coffee that comes from the same estate in the same country it can taste different. We make sure that each roasted back of Trvl Love Koffee is packaged with each batch with love, joy, peace, patience and Kindness, in each cup you will encounter an experience you will have “The World in your Cup!”

At Trvl Love Koffee, “we don’t just sell it; we live it!”

Our daily mission is to ensure that we prepare beans that will give our customers a cup of coffee that they will enjoy and cherise we do this by using superior ingredients and provided excellent customer service. Trvl Love Koffee is an boutique koffee  shop & roaster located in the heart of Woodlawn Historical Business District.

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