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Port Royal Cold Brew

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About Our Cold Brew: 

We brew our Port Royal Cold brew for 24 full hours in order to bring out the maximum amount of  flavor! Our extended steeping times allow for the flavor compounds within the brew to loosen up. That means that more flavors will be released with each hour that passes! 

About Port Royal: 

An island blend of coffee liqueur, caramel and vanilla.

 The notes of rum and vanilla are perfectly shaken (not stirred) to craft this Jamaican-inspired concoction. This smooth, low acidity medium roast boasts a flavorful sensation that takes your mind on a trip to the relaxing beaches of Jamaica.

**Coffee in this area uses environmentally safe wash processes, often by hand.**


About Our Blends:

When it comes to our coffee blends we combine two or more single origin coffees, sometimes roasted at different levels, blended together. This creates a unique and exciting coffee taste that would not be naturally found in the beans alone.