About Us

About the Owners:

Covid- 19 was a blessing and curse bring together two strangers who might have otherwise not had the opportunity to meet. But because of Covid  Anita was forced to move due to job loss and making the hard decision of  having to  delay completing college at the University of Alabama, suffer financial loss Anita decided to take a position in Florence, AL utilizing her Engineering Technology degree looking forward to making Florence her new home she settled in and focused on meeting new people and adjusting and in the process had the great fortune of meeting one Mr. Chauncey Moore owner of Trvl Era Apparel based out of Athens, AL.

An instant friendship is what one would call it as these two bonded over things such as trvl, coffee, hip hop and so much more with Anita’s background in the clothing industry she signed on to assist Chauncey with his clothing brand but as things appeared to be progressing Covid struck again and Anita was once again out of a job being forced to move back to Birmingham they both wanted to make sure that regardless of the situation they would both have stability in the future.

Thus, Trvl Love Koffee was born ,taking a leap of faith we, both dove blindly into the very large world of coffee and tea, and start this business.