Brewing Process

AeroPress Instructions

  • Prepare your coffee and water. Bring about 7 ounces of water to a boil.
  • Rinse your filter. Place the filter in the cap of the AeroPress and carefully pour hot water over it. 
  • Set up the brewing chamber and add coffee grounds. 
  • Start the timer and add a little water. 
  • Pour in the remaining water. 
  • Attach the plunger and carefully push it down. 
  • Enjoy!  



One of our favorites ways to enjoy our coffee is with the French Press, it comes in handy when you are looking to brew up more than 1 cup of coffee. 
  • Measure 54 grams of your favorite Trvl Love Koffee roast (we suggest Motherland)
  • Grind your koffee beans to a medium to a medium coarse grind. 
  • Heat your water to 200 degrees, the optimal temperature for brewing koffee with a french press. 
  • Preheat your french press using the water that you brought to a boil, you want to rinse the carafe with hot water. 
  • Drop your ground koffee beans in the carafe and fill with water to about halfway up. Gently stir the koffee grounds and water. Fill up he carafe with the remaining water make sure to stir the koffee and water one more time and then affix the plunger and lid assembly to your carafe. Leave submerged for about 4 minutes. 


  • Heat Your Water. If you’re working with an 8-cup Chemex coffeemaker, you’ll need to heat 700 milliliters of filtered or purified water to between 198 and 205 degrees.
  • Grind Your Coffee. If you’re working with whole beans, you’ll need to grind your coffee to a medium-coarse consistency.
  • Insert and Rinse the Filter. Now you can go ahead and place your filter inside the top of your Chemex. 
  • Add Your Ground Coffee and Pour the Water. Now add your designated amount of medium-coarse ground coffee to the filter portion of your Chemex