What is Fair/ Direct Trade

We’re so glad you asked! All our coffee is about to become Fair Trade Certified, and that means really great things for you as a consumer! Fair trade is a way of doing business and shopping differently. Simply put, it is a global movement where shoppers and companies prioritize people and the environment through trade. By choosing certified products, you are putting more bargaining power back into the hands of farmers and workers and investing in a global system built to make fair trade the norm. Some of the key areas of focus of Fair-Trade Certification ™include but are not limited to:


Gender Equality (Gender Inequality hurts commodities)

Around the world, women are not treated equitably. This looks different from country to country and region to region, but the root problem is the same. Though women make up most people producing food, they rarely receive their share of the benefits of their hard labor. Women in the agricultural communities where we work often:

  • Don’t have control of the money they earn
  • Don’t own land or crops
  • Don’t have access to education, training, or supplies
  • Are discriminated against when applying for credit


Climate change is not fair

For farmers and workers in the Global South, climate change is not a far-off challenge. It is their everyday life. They are already experiencing decreasing crop yields, soil erosion, pests, diseases and changing weather patterns. This changing reality affects farmers and their communities directly in the form of:

  • Income loss
  • Food insecurity
  • The need to change their business models
  • Increased costs for adaptation and mitigation


Ending poverty is core to fair trade

Fair Trade breaks down the systems that trap farmers in cycles of poverty through changing the financial game.

The foundation of the Fairtrade system is our unique pricing model. It has two parts:

  • The Fairtrade Minimum Price is a floor price that we set (and periodically update) that aims to cover the costs of sustainable production. It is established through an intensive consultation process with farmers, workers, traders, and businesses. Think of this as a safety net for farmers and workers when the market price falls below a sustainable level.
  • The Fairtrade Premium is an additional lump sum that Producer Organizations receive. Members democratically decide how to spend the money. The key here is that we believe local communities know best what they need —so neither Fairtrade nor companies they sell to can instruct them how to spend their Premium. The results are incredible. We have seen Producer Organizations invest in making their businesses by updating equipment or converting to organic farming practices. We’ve also seen producers prioritize community development projects like building schools, providing scholarships, creating clinics and other social services.

Human Rights

  • Combatting child & forced labor, insufficient working conditions, gender inequality, meager wages, and violation of indigenous land rights



Now you can sit back, relax, and enjoy every cup of Trvl Love Koffee with the confidence we are a brand that is commitment to ensure koffee production is not only about high quality and sustainable, but a place for diversity, inclusion, social and economic restoration, entrepreneurship, and environmental sustainability. We are lovers of the cultural, activists, about community, lovers of foods and innovators who love life and what we do. For more information, click here! (Fairtrade America)